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Geomax Mobile designs and develops software, web sites, mobile apps, and provides Software as a Service (SaaS) and web hosting services. We support on-going business innovation through leading-edge technology.

We’ll help you automate processes, improve communication, and explore customer self-service. We are here to fulfill all your custom software needs and help you find time to grow your business.

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Canopy and Canvas

Getting your application right is as important to us as it is to you.

We use Canopy and Canvas to understand your business needs and take small, careful steps to build a solution that works for you.

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Custom Mobile Apps

Our home is mobility. We were born in this space and brought some of the first enterprise mobile apps to market.

There has never been a better opportunity to reach and engage your employees and customers. Are you ready for the mobile revolution?

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Business Software Development

We have the resources to fulfill all your custom programming needs.

Our software engineers and developers are experts in developing solutions that automate processes, exploit web and wireless technology, and integrate legacy and modern systems.

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Web Design

The target devices, the audience, and the content you need to deliver are kept in focus through-out development.

From defining an effective web strategy to analyzing its effectiveness after launch, we are with you every step of the way.

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Web Hosting

As a hosted service provider we look after the performance, scalability, and continuity of your web infrastructure.

Let us host your web site, cloud-based applications, and shared data in a secure, off-site repository.

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Document Management - Scanning and Imaging

Paper takes up your space, time, and money.

Automated processing, queuing, and quick review and approval of important documents along with storage into a secure, indexed repository keeps your workforce efficient and your files available wherever you are.

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GPS Tracking

Developed in consultation with transportation leaders, our 10 second-interval AVL solution helps you keep your mobile workforce efficient and safe.

Unacceptable wait time, on/off route, idling, excessive speed and geo-fence alerts are immediately sent to your smart-phone and scorecards and activity reports help reveal good and bad habits.

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Call Centre and Dispatch Software

Requiring little training, our dispatch software is ideal for managing field service jobs, pick up and delivery fleets, and order-taking.

Our fully-automated, secure, and web-based call-taking solution grows as you grow and may be integrated to your billing software.

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Mobile Workforce Communication

We are experts in wireless workforce communication. We’re here to make it simple. It’s what we do.

A structured, real-time method of communication between dispatch, drivers, and service people enables an efficient and profit-driven operation.

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About Us

Founded in 2003, Geomax Mobile is a Canadian technical solutions company specializing in enterprise software development and wireless technology.

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Our team of Computer Engineers, Software Developers and Web Designers are experienced, resourceful and highly-trained.

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Canopy and Canvas

V1 V2

We deliver our applications using excellent communication and small, controlled development steps.

  • Canopy is our process of talking with you, asking questions, and identifying each piece of the project in simple terms.

  • Canvas gives you visibility and control over the project with verbal feedback, short design steps, and small development releases.

Together we evaluate each release, determine the scope of the next, and create software that becomes invaluable to your organization.

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Custom Mobile Apps

Every business is different but all are concerned with keeping employees engaged, processes efficient, and customers satisfied.

Wireless applications used within the workplace have improved workflow within countless organizations. Customers are demanding mobile access to your business in increasing numbers and your employees are looking for the same access; not wanting to be tethered to their desk.

Each successful application starts with an idea inside your business or as a task on someone’s to-do list. Allow it to grow by taking small development steps. It’s time to discover your game-changing business solution.

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Business Software Development

Geomax Mobile’s experience, resources and approach provide a strong foundation for understanding and solving your unique business requirements.

We’ve delivered customized solutions for multiple industries:

Government Transportation Manufacturing
Plumbing Electrical and HVAC Construction
Environmental Geological Services Steel

By automating processes, integrating systems, and extending your customer’s reach with custom cloud-based software we've enhanced nearly all departments within our customer's operations, including:

Human Resources Invoicing Accounts Payable
Order Processing Dispatch Maintenance
Safety Service Sales and Marketing
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Web Design

Just like your business plan, your online business presence must be thought through carefully.

  • Do you want to experience the benefits of customer self-service?

  • Does your marketing team need to take advantage of greater web analytics?

  • Are you able to communicate with customers using smartphones and tablets?

We can integrate your back-end systems, alert your team of important web traffic, and make your website responsive by thinking “mobile first”. Your website can display your brand and products clearly on any device, reduce the time it takes to service your customers, and drive more business to you.

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Web Hosting

Owning and overseeing the web infrastructure required to support and grow a business is a business onto itself. We take performance, scalability, security, and continuity very seriously so you can stay focused on your core services.

  • Our web servers are located in a secure facility with 24/7 on-site security and multiple back-up systems. Our facility supports operations and development staff and a lab equipped for diagnostic testing. Geomax technical staff are remotely connected and on-call. Back-up systems and storage are located off-site in a secure location. Reports are automatically sent to management for review and discussion if required.

Let us take care of your web site, cloud-based applications, and digital assets.

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Document Management - Scanning and Imaging

Retrieving important information is as simple and fast as a web search and documents get where they need to go, fast.

Process-based Scanning & Imaging removes the piles of paper stacked on your desk waiting for approval.

  • Paper, files, or images – hardcopy or electronic; once you scan a document or upload a file the vital identifying information is tagged to it.

  • Bar code recognition automatically identifies the document type for quick processing.

Queue-based Document Management pushes the file to the authorized staff member for approval or rejection.

  • Automatically sorts, queue, and deliver the document to those who need it.

Our technology is customizable, requires little training, and is cloud-based to enable a virtual organization not dependant on brick and mortar. It is proven within high volume departments, including:

Order Processing Credit Claims
Human Resources Invoicing Purchasing
Accounts Payable Shipping Legal

Document Management enables first-call resolution of customer issues, reduces lengthy business processes, and improves cash flow. It makes good business sense to reduce your dependence on paper wherever possible.

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GPS Tracking

Looking to control cost, stay compliant, or take advantage of new opportunities? Geomax offers mobile workforce tracking in two forms:

  • Enterprise: By gathering real-time and precise automatic vehicle location (AVL) data every 10 seconds, our solution becomes the cornerstone of your driver safety program.
    • Immediately sent to your smartphone, an excessive speed alert helps you identify and stop bad driving habits, and an unacceptable wait time alert notifies you of potential service issues.

  • Mobile Workforce Management: An affordable, compelling option for managing your outside sales and service staff with their web-enabled smartphone.
    • Define territories, view the current location of your entire team, and take advantage of opportunities when they arrive.

Our secure website gives you access to all the tools you need to improve service quality, including track and trace, idle-time, history, reports and graphs, and the latest internet mapping technology.

See our GPS Feature Comparison Chart for further details.

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GPS Feature Comparison Chart

Hover over or tap on a row to see more details.

GPS Tracking Features Smartphone Enterprise
Sample Interval 30s 10s
Out of Coverage Support Standard
E-mail Alerts Standard Standard
Idle Standard
Ignition on/off Standard
Excessive wait Standard
Geo-fence Standard Standard
Odometer Standard
Safety Tools
High Frequency Sampling Limited Standard
Precision GPS Limited Standard
Tamper Resistant Standard
J1939 Optional
PTO Monitoring Optional
Speed Monitoring Standard Standard
Speed Zone Standard Standard
Mapping Tools
Track & Trace Standard Standard
Last Location Standard Standard
Latest Mapping Technology Standard Standard
Trip stats Standard Standard
Activity Heat Map Standard Standard
Speed Report Limited Standard
Maintenance Report Standard
Idle Report Standard
Site Report Standard Standard
Fuel Tax Report Standard
Driver Profile Limited Standard

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Sample Interval

The sample interval is the amount of time between locations. Geomax GPS for BlackBerry® application samples the position every 30 seconds and the Enterprise solution samples every 10 seconds.

Out of Coverage Support

Support provides storage of position data while out of cell coverage. Enterprise GPS provides excellent tracing support for managing fleets operating in remote areas.

E-mail Alerts

Both GPS solutions provide e-mail alerts for critical events. This includes e-mail alerts for speeding, geofence events and excessive idle.


Idle time reported as it occurs. Monitor traffic congestion, driver detentions, and excessive idling times.

Ignition on/of

Ignition on and off events provide detailed vehicle start and stop reporting.

Excessive wait

Assign an excessive wait threshold for your fleet and Geomax will highlight assets that exceed the wait threshold.

Increase productivity. Keep those tires turning.


Assign Geo-fences for Terminals, Borders and Customer sites. Automatic tracking and reporting for in and out times.

Provides insight into asset utilization and helps identify invoicing or accessorial charge opportunities.


Set virtual odometer values to assist preventative maintenance programs.

Retrieve virtual odometer readings for the entire fleet with the push of a button.

High Frequency Sampling

At the core of our design for Enterprise GPS is 10 seconds high frequency sampling.

Reconstructing accidents requires accurate information ... so does preventing accidents.

Precision GPS

Enteprise GPS uses a 20 channel GPS receiver together with a high gain antenna.

GPS service is provided by 24 satellites in orbit around earth. These satellites are maintained by the US Department of Defense.

Tamper Resistant

Lightweight and compact 20 channel transceiver fits conveniently under the dash.

Reliability and performance is enhanced with stealth installation options.


Utilize the latest CAN bus technology to continuously monitor engine telemetry.

Detect minor malfunctions before they turn into major repairs.

PTO Monitoring

Monitor the on/off activity of a power take-off device

Speed Monitoring

Speed monitoring allows for monitoring of the drivers speed by 5 different methods.

  • Maximum Threshold Allowance: Assign a maximum speed that must always be observed.
  • Geofence: Assign speed limits to specific locations, including customer sites. Monitor site speed compliance.
  • Speed Zone: Create Speed Zones and add specific speed limit information to problem areas.
  • Route: Create a common route and assign it a speed limit that is appropriate for cargo and road conditions.
  • Road Speed Limit: Use the road-type speed limits to drive reporting, warnings and alerts.

Speed Zone

Assign Speed Zones to specific problem areas in order to closely monitor driving behaviour "as it happens".

Closely monitor known safety hazards.

Track & Trace

Track & Trace allows you to view historical GPS information via our secure and easy to use website. An intuitive map shows locations, idle, speeding events and routing events.

Last Location

The Last Location mapping feature allows you to see multiple assets at a glance. An excellent tool for matching drivers to pickups and estimating arrival times.

Latest Mapping Technology

Using the latest internet-based mapping solution means you can manage your fleet from anywhere.

Trip Stats

View statistics for any asset and time span. Enterprise GPS is an excellent tool for establishing exact distances driving between locations.

Quote with confidence.

Activity Heat Map

Observe your sales force or fleet's activity to determine the placement of your next territory, storefront, or terminal.

Speed Report

This report plots time vs speed to easily show how fast your assets are moving throughout the day.

Maintenance Report

Review upcoming, completed, and missed vehicle maintenance tasks.

Idle Report

This report shows when and for how long your assets sat idle in a graphical format.

Site Report

This convenient report provides detailed asset arrival and departure times by site.

Provides insight into asset utilization and helps identify invoicing or accessorial charge opportunities.

Fuel Tax Report

Reports the monthly mileage of each vehicle separately within each state and province.

Driver Profile

Shows historical information about drivers for comparison, including top speed (and location), idle time, mileage, and time spent on routes and in geo-fences.

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Call Centre and Dispatch Software

Our call taking and dispatching software is a complete interface, requires little training time, and may be integrated with your accounting software to show money owed and credit status.

When equipped with Mobile Workforce Communication, Field Service, LTL, TL, and Courier dispatchers view real-time status updates to ensure your customer’s requests are managed properly.

Customer call history is kept in full detail including recurring requests and notes. Customizable boards provide views sorted by Driver, Open, Cancelled and Closed jobs, and more.

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Mobile Workforce Communication

Geomax Mobile’s structured communication system for smartphones enables accurate and immediate field status updates, pickup and delivery requests, work orders, and more.

Integrated tightly with your back office system or our optional cloud-based Call Centre and Dispatch Software, service people, drivers, order takers and dispatchers minimize data entry and eliminate redundant paper work.

  • Increase dispatcher efficiency, capabilities, and retention.

  • Confusion due to bad connections and language barriers fade away.

  • Customers enjoy a higher quality of service while reducing the number of calls to your customer service group.

  • Increase the number of tasks and take advantage of opportunities when they arrive.

  • Signature Capture (optional) is applied to the invoice and customer data record, minimizing paperwork and speeding up the billing process.

Geomax has a proven track record of increasing revenues and reducing operating cost in operations of all sizes. Return on your investment is immediate.

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About Us

Geomax Mobile began developing software solutions for the Canadian transportation industry in 2003. Since then we’ve provided end-to-end solutions for Government agencies, commercial and residential Plumbing, Heating, Electrical and Air Conditioning companies, Food Production and Processing co-operatives, Concrete and Construction businesses, and Environmental and Geological services.

  • A dozen years ago a trucking company felt that a BlackBerry 5810 integrated with their AS/400 dispatch system and placed in the hands of a driver could be a low-cost method of improving their on-time performance.

  • Knowing Personal Desktop Assistants (PDA’s) were becoming popular and having invested in wireless engineering resources, they came to us. Together we tested the waters in small steps.

  • Our cellular data carrier said it couldn’t be done, but we proved them wrong. The device not only worked, the structured interface and real-time updates helped drivers pickup and deliver on-time, and they were able to do more jobs.

We are now firmly in the age of smartphones and tablets, and we’ve learned a lot from managing thousands of users and millions of daily transactions. Our team knows web and wireless technology inside and out and that’s how we’ve delivered mobile applications that are reliable, scalable, and invaluable to our customers.

  • It doesn’t end there. We stay on top of the newest technology, look to the future, and talk to our customers about it. We are deeply invested in our products and services and dedicated to our customer’s success. We show it by providing a one number escalation procedure – our customers speak directly to the developers of the product.

The mobile revolution is here; we can help build your mobile business application, step by step.

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Knowing the right tool for the job is crucial. We use Canopy and Canvas to discover and understand your business needs and plan ahead.

Below is a sample of the languages, platforms and systems we are intimate with:

  • JQuery, Java, Javascript, HTML5, CSS, Perl,, C++, C, Objective C, C#, Visual Basic

  • MySQL, Microsoft SQL, IBM DB2

  • Web, iOS, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, AS/400, .NET, Java Desktop, Swing, Linux Server, Bluetooth

  • EDI, LTL400, TMW Systems, Maddocks, QuickBooks

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